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We will always try to close to customer and walk together.

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My name is Seongwon Woo, the CEO of SSIS Co., Ltd.

It has been 30 years since I found this company in 1985. I am happy to greet you on this new website.

We have been providing VCB, ACB and MCCB used at a panel board as well as cradles ASS’Y to LSIS, a global company, through SUB ASS’Y and OEM. To fulfill 100% customer satisfaction and 0 ppm quality, all of our employees do our best all together standing as one under the company motto, “company and we all standing together.”

As a result of our dedication, we were selected as an ACE club partner of LSIS and generated 30 billion won in annual sales. Accordingly, we set a new goal of reaching 50 billion won in annual sales under the slogan, GQ-310. We will try hard to accomplish the goal, provide customer satisfaction, and keep up with the global market.

One last thing, I would like to tell all our employees that we will go out into the world with new vision for the future. I truly appreciate our valued customers as well as employees. Way to Go, SSIS! Thank you,

Seoungwon Woo CEO of SSIS